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A 21 day challenge to implement meditation into your daily routine.

Beginning from the time of purchase we’ll begin a journey to build in time for ourselves each day for three weeks. Part of building a new habit involves a sense of accountability and as such, you can use the daily emails as a reminder to sit and make time for your new habit.

Meditations will be delivered to your inbox along with a written lesson + introduction, a daily affirmation, click through meditation videos & journal prompts. We’ll be following a journey week by week to arrive at a place of deep self assurance + stillness.

Week 1:

  • Taking inventory
  • Setting an intention
  • Clearing existing stress + anxiety
  • Labelling thoughts 

Week 2:

  • Replenishing energy
  • Energising meditations
  • Introducing a gratitude practice

Week 3:

  • Finding what practice works best for us
  • Creating our own meditation ritual
  • Tailoring our meditation practice for our own needs

Expect podcast and book recommendations for those that seek additional depth.

Additional details:

Meditations are recommended first thing in the morning, however you can pick any time of day that best suits your schedule. It is recommended to try stick with the same time each day for consistency + ritualising the habit. 

Once you purchase you will receive DAY 1 of the challenge and each day will follow 24 hours from that point in time. 

Please be sure to select that you are happy to receive marketing emails (you won't be bombarded, its just so that you will receive the challenge emails)

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